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Carson Kressley is an award-winning television personality and designer born on November 11, 1969 in Pennsylvania. He made his debut in television in 2003 with his participation as an expert on clothing in the series Queer Eye. Then he was the host of the makeover show How to Look Good Naked followed by other TV appearances such as a contestant for the entertainment show Dancing with the Stars. Carson has launched his own fashion collection and has tried himself in the film industry.


Working for Ralph Lauren from 1994 to 2002 Carson Kressley gained the reputation of a top-tier stylist which pushed him straight to his first television role in the makeover show The Queer Eye. Carson was one of the five make-better savants that were helping the guests improve their lifestyle and become more self-confident. While other experts advised heroes on their food regimen, grooming, interior design and interpersonal relationships, Carson dealt with the clothing part. He had to work wonders with the boring and outdated wardrobe of guests, spicing it up with fashionable garments and chic accessories.
After Queer Eye became a success, Carson Kressley gained exposure in another fashion show How to Look Good Naked where he acted as a motivational host. The show aimed at increasing the self-confidence and self-esteem of guests who felt ashamed of their bodies by encouraging them to take part in various indiscreet activities, like getting naked for the camera or posing nude in show windows. Another prominent television appearance of Kressley was in Dancing with the Stars, where he performed in pair with the ballroom dancer Anna Trebunskaya.


Since his success in television, Kressley tried his hand at acting, debuting in the movie The Perfect Man in 2005. He also starred in the NBC production The Year Without Santa in 2006. Other movies you can see Kressley acting are 16 to Life and It’s Christmas, Carol.

Fashion Design

Carson Kressley prides himself on his own fashion collection for men and women launched in 2006 on QVC. According to him, his participation in the makeover shows helped him realize that people’s wardrobes run short of basic clothing items. His collection of reinvented basics came to fill this gap while adding a note of glamour to the people’s day to day attire. The level of glamour rised higher with his new collection Love, Carson which contained stylish clothes for fashion-forward women.


Aside from being a television personality, Kressley is also a book writer. His collection of books mainly focuses on instilling self-confidence and self-esteem in men and women who are insecure with their bodies. Kressley uses inspiring stories from his own life and his experience in makeover shows to prove to people that a change is always possible. He also teaches people to accept their bodies and look for ways to highlight their bodily flaws instead of complaining about them and getting depressed. In addition, readers can find secrets and tips on how to become sexier and find their style.

Carson Kressley

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