Books Authored by Carson Kressley

Aside from a being a television mogul, Carson Kressley does a great job of writing books. He is the author of three books where he advises people on how to improve their clothing style and become more confident.
Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Off the Cuff (2006)

Off the Cuff was launched in 2006. Kressley decided to write it after acting in the TV show Queer Eye where he noticed that men are embarrassed to go shopping and supply their wardrobe with quality and stylish clothing. According to him, most men we had to work with during the show considered shopping a women thing. That stopped them from visiting fashion boutiques in everyday life to get a fancy jacket or a fashionable coat. Kressley decided to break the wall of convention and conservatism in the mind of men, writing a book that would encourage them to go shopping and redefine their style, becoming more attractive for their women and eventually having their self-esteem and self-confidence skyrocketed.
The book contains tips on how to improve your style, how to match clothes, and which clothes to wear for various ocassions to appear trendy. The author also advises the readers which garment pieces are out of fashion and encourages them to give up on wearing them. Moreover, aside from being a fashion guide, the book does some psychological counselling too, with Kressley trying to convince men to defeminize the concept of shopping and start paying more attention to their style.

You're Different and That's Super (2005)

This book features a motivational story for children. It tells about a unicorn that spends its whole life in a herd of horses. The book conveys a moral message to the little readers that being different is ok. It doesn’t mean you are worse that anyone else; it just means you are different. The author tries to encourage kids pursue their dreams and goals no matter how strange they are and what others may say. He tries to bolster their self-esteem and bring their self-confidence to the highest level possible. The book also teaches children that judging someone by their appearance or occupation is not right. Everyone does what they are good at and what they like.

Does this Book Make My Butt Look Big? A Cheeky Guide To Feeling Sexier In Your Own Skin & Unleashing Your Personal Style (2016)

This book is a guide on how to start feel sexier and find your own style. The author provides cheeky tips aimed at enhancing women’s confidence about their body and accept it the way it is. In times when beauty standards are set to incredible heights, Kressley comes to convince women who suffer from imperfect bodies that accepting your appearance is the first step to becoming beautiful. No matter what body aspect makes you not resemble a supermodel, there are still a dozen of ways you can make yourself attractive. Aside from being motivating and inspiring, the guide comes with a bunch of meaningful tips to help readers unleash their charm and highlight their body assets by dressing smartly.

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