Carson Kressley’s Appearance in Fashion TV Shows

Carson Kressley is a reputed stylist who gained a significant television exposure by acting in popular fashion-related shows. Here are some of his most prominent appearances in makeover series.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye marks the debut of Kressley in television. It’s a makeover show that features a team of experts and a guest in each series who needs a change in his lifestyle. The team of gurus focuses on improving the major aspects of the guest’s life, including: nutrition, grooming, clothing, home design, and social interactions. Kressley had a special role in the whole makeover story, as he had to provide individuals with a new fashion style.
He had to use his best skills in clothing styling to come up with a revamped wardrobe that was about to radically change the appearance of the guest. His rich experience helped him achieve a unique style for each individual, which eventually increased their self-confidence and made them more optimistic and happy. Aside from supplying the wardrobe of guests with new clothes, Kressley had a counselling role as well. He had to advise them on how to dress with taste, how to combine clothes and accessories, and how to start to feel sexier.

How to Look Good Naked

Another TV show where Kressley had the chance to shine was How to Look Good aired in 2006. He acted as a motivational host teaming up with the fashion consultant Gok Wan encouraging people ashamed of their bodies get nude for the camera, and in this way get rid of their insecurities and low self-esteem. The fashion experts had to heavily use their psychological abilities in persuading guests to strip naked in public rather than their fashion skills. The programme was complex, containing a wide range of indiscreet activities guests had to engage in for the ultimate goal of escaping their embarrassment about their bodies.
They had to strip naked in front of the camera with their nude photos being then projected on the facade of a building. The host asked the passers-by how they liked the photos and surprisingly for the guests they gave positive appreciation, which bolstered the guests’ self-esteem. Moreover, the guests had to pose naked in the windows of fashion shops, which also contributed to making their insecurities vanish. The uniqueness of this show is that unlike other makeover shows it didn’t promote surgeries, weight loss programmes, hairstyle change or wardrobe renewal. It’s main goal was to encourage people accept the way they look and get more confident about their body.

Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants

Carson Kressley also acted as a judge in the TV beauty competion Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants in 2007. He had to judge mother-daughter pairs who competed in various beauty pageant contests. They had to choose a unique style for their team, impress with their swimsuit appearances, practice their dance number and share their opinion on critical events happening around the world. Kressley acted together with other two fashion experts to determine the best mother-daughter pair. In spite of having aired just 8 episodes the show proved quiet popular.

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