Clothing Lines by Carson Kressley

If we were to describe Carson Kressley in two words, it would probably be fashion and television. Amidst his acting in famous makeover shows, Kressley also focused on creating his own branded clothing collections.
By now, he managed to launch two clothing lines that got quiet successful among people of all walks of life.


Perfect by Carson Kressley was launched in 2006 and was pretty much the result of Kressley’s participation in the makeover show Queer Eye. Having to revamp the wardrobes of many people, he noticed that most of them were missing clothing essentials. This inspired him to create a collection of basics which he spiced up using his fancy imagination and fashion-forward approach on life. Perfect features casual clothes improved with a slight touch of glamour and elegance to become bolder and more attractive.
The clothing line includes office staples, such as navy suits and blouses with customized print. There is also a wide choice of casual clothes like denim pants, skirts and polo sweaters. For those who value glamour and rish fashion, Kressley comes with fancy clothes like luxe leather jacket, chic bomber jacket and stylish vests. For winter time, the collection features wool and cashmere coats and pullover sweaters to keep the wearer warm while making a fashion statement. The clothing line is suitable for all people who want to bring a new touch of beauty to their wardrobe basics.
Garment pieces with tailored print like blouses and skirts are a perfect way to make a statement about your own style; a way to stand out from the crowd while wearing the same casual clothes as others. The same counts for other essentials that undergone a visual reinvention by Kressley who made them more glittering and eye-catching. The collection proved a great success and lead to the launching of another clothing line by Kressley in 2012.

Love, Carson

Love, Carson is the second clothing line of Kressley where he provides women with a selection of glamour pieces. This time he switches the focus from casual essentials to more glittering items for going out, partying and attending evening events. There is a rich choice of dresses to match all tastes and occasions. Women can select from a variety of colors choosing the tone that matches best their skin and accessories.
There are also tailored prints added on dresses to make them unique and more attractive while being an extension of wearer’s personality. Other clothing includes shirts and short-sleeved blouses embellished with rhinestones and other vivid fashion accessories to make the woman shine no matter which setting she is in. Since focusing on glamour, Love, Carson features lots of glittering pieces as well as embroidered floral patterns to make the clothes more fancy-looking and rich.
Yet, not all garment items are embellished with shiny accessories. Simplistic design can be also found in the collection, so if rhinestones and floral patterns are not good friends of yours, you can opt for less sophisticated pieces which render a touch of glamour in their own way.

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