TV Series Carson Kressley Has Been In

Starting as a simple fashion consultant, Carson Kressley grew to a reputed television personality and a clothing style guru in various shows.
This article talks about his most successful appearances in TV programmes.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye was the first cornerstone in the Kressley’s brilliant television career. It happened in 2004 when he joined the Fab Five, a team of experts in home design, fashion, grooming, healthy nutrition and relationships that aimed at changing the life of individuals. The extensive style knowledge of Kressley helped him renew the boring and pale wardrobe of many guests, making them more fancy-looking and self-confident.
Moreover, he advised guests on a proper way of combining clothes and inspired them to unleash their style and not fear radical makeovers of look and clothing. Although closed in 2007 after 100 episodes, the globally renowned show was revived by Netflix in 2018. However, Kressley is not among the gurus anymore.

Carson Nation

Carson Nation is a TV project launched in collaboration with Kressley’s good friend Oprah Winfrey. The plot features him traveling to small towns around the USA changing the life of needy people to the better. Throughout the programme, he helps a young lady suffering from cancer recover and gain self-confidence, helps a woman in her 40’s get a physical transformation, as well as assists a fashion-tasteless office worker in revamping her wardrope.
Aside from fashion counselling, Kressley also gets involved in other activities like skin care and home design which he is also good at. In one of the series, he helps a newly divorced man renovate his apartment. Other time he gives an acne clean-up to an emergency service dispatcher. The programme had 6 episodes and it managed to help 12 individuals to start a new life.

Dancing with the Stars

Another series where Kressley shone is Dancing with the Stars, where he partnered the Latin dancer Anna Trebunskaya. While failing to reach the top ranks of the competition, Kressley earned the fan favorite award. His ambition and showmanship appealed hard to the audience, yet the judges seemed to appreciate that less, focusing more on technique.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Carson Kressley also appears in the fashion reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race where he acts as a judge. The contestants are sickening queens who are competing with each other for the Next Drag Superstar Crown. They face various challenges weekly that include, singing, lip sync, parody, dancing and trivia quizzes. Their fashion knowledge is also put to test. They have to create their own branded styles, match clothes and accessories into fancy outfits, as well as be able to present them on the catwalk.
RuPaul is the main judge and mentor, while Carson Kressley along with other celebrities are guest judges that assess the performance of queens to finest detail. The series happened to be incredibly popular being the best rated show on Logo TV. Moreover, RuPaul’s Drag Race is an Emmy award winner being declared three the best reality-competition programme three years in a row.

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